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The 2020 Company Report

Risk Reward Limited will be releasing a number of papers based on its proprietary research contained in the 2020 Company Report. This looks at what a company needs to do to position itself to be sustainable and successful in the long term and identifies winning strategies for success in 2020.

Among the key findings are that companies will significantly change in structure, concentrating increasingly on those areas where they can add value. The consequence of this is that a number of areas where a significant number of employees have been involved will be eliminated.

One of the implications of this is for the finance functions of major companies. The research would indicate that in future these will be staffed by a small number of highly qualified individuals with all mainstream finance functions being outsourced to lower cost providers and conducted by primarily unqualified members.

The question becomes where would these qualified accountants come from? Not an immediate concern, but a concern for 2020. Our belief is that the majority of these accountants will be trained in firms providing necessary audit services and that there will be a significant premium on their skills. The greater problem will be to find highly qualified management accountants in the UK when the training for these people will have been outsourced to India, Sriu Lanka or China.