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SVPCO Announces Image Exchange Network Access for All Financial Institutions

VECTORsgi selected to build the Gateway DTA

ADDISON, Texas, NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2004 - VECTORsgi, a leading provider of transaction processing solutions and SVPCO, the electronic check processing business of The Clearing House Payments Company, announce the development by VECTORsgi of the software for SVPCO's Gateway DTA (Distributed Traffic Agent). The Gateway DTA will provide an additional access alternative to make it economically possible for regional and smaller depository financial institutions to send image exchange files through the SVPCO network. This is an expansion of the relationship between the two organizations, which began when VECTORsgi was selected from a field of top technology providers to develop the DTA for national financial institutions and service bureaus to access the national image exchange network.

The SVPCO image exchange network allows financial institutions to exchange image files directly. SVPCO serves as the intermediary where summary information moves allowing for reporting and settlement. The Gateway DTA is ideally suited for lower volume participants such as regional financial institutions and community banks.

The Gateway DTA opens the door for any size financial institution to participate in SVPCO's image exchange network by providing an additional access method. A single Gateway DTA can provide service to multiple financial institutions, which will reduce the cost incurred by a single financial institution. Unlike the DTA, which would be placed inside each of the participating large financial institutions, the Gateway system will be housed and operated by SVPCO. A Gateway customer will send a single file with a series of cash letters, each of which can be routed to a different destination.

"The Gateway DTA allows us to provide an additional access method to the SVPCO Check Image Exchange and is a great resource for those financial institutions that don't have a lot of volume," said Susan Long, senior vice president of SVPCO. "This completes our array of access vehicles and now every financial institution will have an opportunity to be a part of our network. We will work with all financial institutions to determine which access choice is best for them, whether through its direct connection with the DTA, a correspondent bank, the shared Gateway DTA option, a third party aggregator node or the Federal Reserve."

VECTORsgi designed the DTA using an "open system architecture" to allow it to act as a conduit to the network for both small and large financial institutions. "A trademark of our company is the ability to look beyond the initial functionality of a system, architecting for the future," said Sydney Smith Hicks, president and CEO of VECTORsgi. "The Gateway DTA is a natural progression of the DTA technology. We are proud to further our relationship with SVPCO and expect the same level of success in this venture that we are experiencing with the DTA."

The SVPCO network supports the exchange of electronic data and images for forward presentment, return items and IRD printing. SVPCO banks represent 58 percent of U.S. commercial bank deposits and more than 60 percent of the checks in the U.S. This critical mass is essential to aggressively advance electronic images as a replacement for paper in the check clearing process.