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Self service solution brings banking to ING customers' fingertips - Highly flexible, interactive service underpinned by NOMAD Software –

ING Bank Romania, part of the leading ING global financial institution, has implemented NOMAD Software’s NOMAD CORTEX, based self service banking solution to support its expansion plans within the Romanian retail banking market.  The innovative solution, based upon the latest open systems technology will give cardholders easy access to their funds and enable them to undertake complex interactions at web-enabled ATMs or self-service kiosks.

In order to achieve their business objective, ING implemented NOMAD Software’s self service banking solution, which when integrated with Wincor Nixdorf’s ProTopas technology enabled ING to bring banking to their customers’ fingertips.

Each ING branch consists of two working areas.  The first is manned by an office manager to promote the ING products and services and to give advice.  The Self Bank area includes two innovative terminals, Bancomat+ and Multimat which are controlled using NOMAD CORTEX. They offer step-by-step guidance and provide an easy way to pay bills, undertake bank transfers, obtain bank statements, make payment deposits or withdraw cash, thus allowing customers to manage their own accounts.

Bancomat+ enables ING customers to deposit bank notes and withdraw cash in the national currency, as well as check their account balance, in a highly secure area.  Multimat facilitates transfers in ROL of any kind, currency exchange and the printing of bank statements.  These terminals also enable customers to pay their regular phone, gas or electricity bills quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

ING already had a presence in Romania for the past 10 years, with successful wholesale banking (1994) and insurance operations (1997), when they decided to enter the retail banking market. ING chose NOMAD Software and Wincor Nixdorf to help them achieve their growth plans.

John Yeomans, Chief Executive, NOMAD Software commented: "Our open systems self service banking solution has helped to change the face of retail banking within the branch. Traditionally, ATMs have been used for basic transactions such as withdrawing cash.  But today’s web-enabled ATM or self-service kiosks can offer all the services that are normally provided by the counter staff, freeing them up to focus on revenue generating activities such as cross-selling."