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New ‘FIX’ technology levels playing field in retail fixed income trading

NEW YORK – FIXML Flyer announced today (Sept. 29, 2004) that BondDesk Group, a leading provider of comprehensive fixed income solutions, has integrated FIXML Flyer technology with their broker-dealer subsidiary BondDesk Trading’s Alternative Trading System (ATS).

Flyer technology is an advanced application of the FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol, the globally recognized messaging standard for real-time electronic securities transactions.

"FIXML Flyer represents the future of FIX by providing high-volume and endless connections for sophisticated trades," says George Kledaras, co-founder and Managing Director of FIXML Flyer. "BondDesk Trading now has an XML-based platform that makes FIX economically competitive with any proprietary protocol."

"Flyer is a welcome enhancement," said Joe Nirta, BondDesk Group Chief Technology Officer. "Proven to be open and extensible, Flyer saves us a lot of time from having to support proprietary solutions."

Based in New York City, FIXML Flyer was founded by George Kledaras and Randy Prager, pioneers in developing advanced technology for high-volume, sophisticated securities trading using FIX. Partners include Tepin Information Systems for FIX Testing and Certification.