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ND Enroller with Common Census and Common Benefits Systems "Dynamic Duo" of Worksite Enrollment

September 29, 2004 WESTBROOK, MAINE – Common Census announced that the
company has reached an agreement with Continental American Insurance Company
(CAIC) to introduce ND Enroller with Common Census and Common Benefits Systems
(product availability may vary by state).

ND Enroller is a proven and flexible enrollment system that allows benefit counselors to enroll employees for group or supplemental benefits using laptops and the Internet. The software is also provided to call centers for telephone enrollment and employers for ongoing enrollment. Common Census and Common Benefits systems interface with any payroll system or Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and can offer any core or worksite benefit, including employer-sponsored programs such as wellness or parking.

Daniel Freund, President of Common Census reports, "By working with CAIC, we can
significantly enhance sales opportunities for our mutual customers. Benefit counselors work faster and are more accurate when they use one system to enroll core and worksite products."

"Many of our producers, licensed independent brokers and agents already use Common Census to enroll a wide variety of cases, ranging from simple to complex, for both core and supplemental benefits. The unique feature of this system is the self-service module that enables employers to manage ongoing enrollments. Employers benefit from the convenience of using one platform to enroll employees for both supplemental and core benefits," said Scott Prince, CAIC Assistant Vice President, Market Services. CAIC offers a full array of group worksite benefits including Critical Illness, Disability, Accident, Cancer and Supplemental Hospital Indemnity plans.

"A key advantage to using one system to enroll my clients is the immediate access to information. Employees can view their enrollment selections and the underwriting status online immediately after meeting with their benefit counselor or enrolling through our toll-free call center. They can also interact with their administrative team or Human Resources via the Internet from setup to sales. CAIC and Common Census with Common Benefits offer us the best of the best," declared Josh Spivak, Principal at Benefit Associates in King of Prussia, PA.