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Institutional Advisory Services Group database now includes The Kawaller Fund; Fund ranked 1st (36 months)

The Kawaller Fund is now listed in the Institutional Advisory Services Groups (IASGs) data base available online. This resource allows site visitors to rank hedge funds and their managers in a variety of ways, such as by return or by Sharpe ratio. Over 450 firms are included in this compilation.

The Kawaller Fund is ranked 1st on the basis of 36 months annualized return and 3rd over a 60 month horizon (see charts below).

For August 2004, The Kawaller Fund posted a monthly gain of 10.50%, as compared to 0.23% for the S&P Index. Year to date, however, the fund was down 12.10%.

Managing Partner Ira Kawaller noted in response to IASGs listing and rankings, "I think these long run performance figures validate the philosophy that underlies the trading strategy which justifies trading on the basis of the proposition that futures prices tend to be poor predictors of where spot prices are headed. This program should be interesting to those who agree with this basic premise and have the patience and wherewithal to withstand high month-to-month volatility."

The Kawaller Fund aims to provide qualified eligible investors with an alternative asset program, designed to complement and diversify a traditional investment portfolio, thereby enhancing returns and lowering overall risk.

Managing Partner Ira Kawaller is a widely recognized authority in the field of derivative instruments, with over 20 years of relevant experience:
- 16 years as the Director of the New York Office of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
- 6 years as President of Kawaller & Company, LLC a financial consultancy specializing in assisting corporate clients in their use of derivatives
- Frequent lecturer and widely published author in business and academic journals
- Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University, with past adjunct professorships at Columbia University and Polytechnic University
- Former board member with several professional associations.