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SunGard Energy Systems Announces New Promotions and Hires to the Senior Management Team

SunGard Energy Systems today announced the addition of three new members to its senior management team: Mark Moessinger, senior vice president, global sales; Mary Helen Threlkeld, chief financial officer; and Sharon Fortmeyer-Selan, senior vice president, marketing. The executives report to Matt Mandalinci, president of SunGard Energy Systems.

Mr. Moessinger, previously senior vice president of product development at SunGard Energy Systems, will leverage his knowledge of the company's customer base and internal relationships to help ensure a tight feedback loop between sales, product management, marketing and development. This will continue to drive a 'customer-first' approach and provide ongoing attention to customer requirements. Prior to joining SunGard, Mr. Moessinger held various roles in technology consulting. During his tenure with SunGard, Mr. Moessinger has held positions in client services, sales and management. He earned a computer and information systems degree from George Washington University in 1986.

Mary Helen Threlkeld brings a broad range of experience to SunGard Energy Systems, including international finance, financial reporting, analysis, forecasting, budgeting and cash management and understanding of debt, equity and financial systems. She obtained an MBA from the University of Chicago. As chief financial officer of SunGard Energy Systems, Ms. Threlkeld will uphold SunGard's emphasis on financial strength and reliability.

Sharon Fortmeyer-Selan will combine her expertise across marketing, alliance and product management disciplines, her customer-centric approach and global experience to integrate communications, branding, awareness and demand generation. Prior to joining SunGard, Ms. Fortmeyer-Selan held senior management and executive positions marketing for technology products and services. She is a Phi Beta Kappa with a BS degree in Mathematics from Kansas State University.