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FT Interactive Data has been awarded gold accreditation in the 2004 CityCompass Benchmarking International Systems and Services – Corporate Actions (B.I.S.S.) report

London: Thursday 9 September 2004

FT Interactive Data, the major operating subsidiary of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading supplier of financial information and analytical software to global markets, was presented with a gold award for its corporate actions service at yesterday’s CityCompass ‘The City in Action’ conference held at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London.

The 2004 corporate actions report, undertaken by Bloor Research on behalf of CityCompass, independently assessed both system suppliers and information vendors as to how well their services meet customer needs.

FT Interactive Data scored highly on the breadth and depth of its coverage, and was noted for continuously extending its global coverage. FT Interactive Data was also accredited with the high standard of its service and its willingness to meet a specific customer request. The report cited: "The outstanding feature is their concern to achieve a solution that fits into the exact needs of their customer". Indeed, FT Interactive Data’s attitude to customers was noted as "exceptional in today’s competitive markets for good, clean, accurate data".

The independent user panel took particular note of the extensive work and involvement of FT Interactive Data in supporting global industry standards. By mapping its corporate actions data to the MT564 event types specified within ISO 15022, FT Interactive Data announced early in August 2004 that it now offers both new and existing customers immediate access to its global ISO 15022 service.

Gary Wright, managing director of CityCompass and creator of the benchmarking process, said: "The new B.I.S.S. gold standard is totally focused on the capability of systems and information services meeting the buyer’s business requirements, therefore establishing which vendors actually perform to the buyer’s satisfaction. The vendors will now have a new and important target to meet, and through the new B.I.S.S. gold standard only a high quality product will be able to attain the necessary standard."

Roger Sargeant, FT Interactive Data’s European managing director, commented: "We are delighted to have taken part in the CityCompass benchmarking report and ‘The City in Action’ conference. Having provided global corporate actions event data for over 30 years, we have a wealth of experience in gathering, updating, validating and delivering this data. We are very pleased to have been given the B.I.S.S. gold award."