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ComArch on the Fast Development Track

KRAKOW, Poland--20 August 2004--ComArch, a global OSS/BSS provider, announced record first half 2004 revenues, which improved by 53 percent against last year results reaching $35 million. Operating income increased by 145 percent to $2.1 million, and net income amounted to $1.5 million.

ComArch significantly increased export sales of OSS/BSS technology by over 141 percent to over $10 million. ComArch is building its partner network and plans to realize 50 percent of its billing and network-management product sales in the partnership model through international system integrators.

In the first half of 2004, ComArch signed contracts amounting to $45 million, of which a significant part are contracts with key telecom operators in the Ukraine, United States, Lithuania, Belarus and Montenegro, where the company sells modules of its flagship and award winning TYTAN billing and customer care platform and InsightNet network management platform. The first contracts in the partnership model were signed in France and Russia.

"We are very happy about the financial results for the first part of this year. They confirm a few positive trends in the development of the company, namely a growing proportion of our own technologies and OSS/BSS licences in our general revenue and the improvement of productivity. It is also important to note that, as the first Polish IT company on the global markets we are able to understand better our strengths, and we are capable of translating effectively this understanding into a commercial and business success," says Professor Janusz Filipiak, ComArch founder and CEO.

ComArch consistently increases coverage on the international markets. Following its recent announcement of new offices in Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine, ComArch is now launching operations in Western Europe, namely in Paris and Brussels. As for American operations, ComArch is setting up operations in Panama.

ComArch currently employs about 1500 people and the employment growth rate amounts to 19 percent. ComArch currently employs 135 people from Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Australia and Uruguay on a variety of internship programs both technical and managerial.

ComArch is globally known mainly for its IT systems and solutions for telecommunications (OSS/BSS), and in Poland is recognized as one of the biggest systems integrators working in the main vertical sectors: telecommunications, finance and banking, trade and industry, and public administration. ComArch develops e-government systems, loyalty systems, ERP, electronic data interchange and asset-management software. Recently ComArch has been chosen frequently to develop IT systems adjusting Polish public administration to EU standards.

ComArch currently very tightly covers the area of Poland with offices in all the big cities, and, as a result of its latest acquisition, now takes advantage of a unique network of 650 resellers selling ComArch ERP software to medium-sized and small enterprises.