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Citadel Associates add DataBlocks and DataGenerator components to the CADIS suite

London (Aug 17, 2004) – Citadel Associates, a provider of financial software and consulting services to the global financial services community today announced the launch of the latest components, DataBlocks and DataGenerator,
into the CADIS suite.

* DataBlocks are designed specifically for the Financial Services industry to handle data storage via a series of cost effective "fit for purpose" schemas based on a modular design.

* The DataGenerator is designed to create and manage reference data through a single point of entry, via a highly configurable front end.

All CADIS component can be used as a stand alone tool or an integrated application. The new components fit into the Citadel Associates philosophy of meeting each client’s specific needs in a cost effective manner

DataBlocks allow organisations to select specific schemas that meet their exact requirements. Clients have the choice of selecting a specific schema or DataBlock to store their reference data, transaction history and performance
data or purchasing an integrated suite. All schemas are interoperable and consistency is maintained via the CADIS components. Clients can use DataBlocks to supplement an existing architecture or create an entire data management

The DataGenerator is designed to allow clients to add new data items such as new securities as well as supplement externally provided information with data specific to their organisation. The DataGenerator will then communicate
changes to third party systems as well as other CADIS components.

Jean Williams, Managing Director of Citadel Associates said "Adding the DataGenerator and the DataBlocks to the existing components in the CADIS suite gives organisations access to a scaleable cost effective solution to
Reference Data Management, Data Storage and Data Integration." She also added "The real power of DataBlocks is that it allows an organisation to select a schema or schemas that will meet their requirements."

With the easy to use .Net GUI requiring no programming skills and predefined interfaces the components are easy to use and can be implemented quickly. All CADIS components are built to integrate into an organisations existing
infrastructure as well as with the other components within the CADIS suite.

David Suter, Chief Technology Officer said "The new components reflect our design strategy of separating processing from storage. They encompass many years of practical design and implementation experience."

DataBlocks and DataGenerator are built with the Citadel Associates philosophy of all data components being flexible, providing full visibility of the data and process flows and can be used by high level business analysts.

DataBlocks and DataGenerator are designed to integrate with DataConstructor, DataMatcher, DataPorter, DataInspector and DataEditor.