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Systems Union Group plc Interim Results for the six months ended 30 June 2004

Systems Union Group plc, the global financial software vendor, today issued
its unaudited Interim Results.


* Successful acquisition strategy has driven considerable growth
* Revenue up 50% to £51.0 million (2003: £34.0 million)
* EBITDA* up 57% to £6.3 million (2003: £4.0 million)
* Operating cash flow up 35% to £5.0 million (2003: £3.7 million)
* PBT* up 37% to £2.7 million (2003: £2.0 million)
* Adjusted EPS* up 32% to 4.9p (2003 restated: 3.7p)
* First interim dividend of 0.5p per share (2003: nil)
* Business Intelligence Division enhanced with acquisition of Lasata

* before restructuring charge of £1.3 million

Paul Coleman, chief executive officer of Systems Union Group plc, said:
"Through acquisitions, alliances and investment in R&D, Systems Union has
built a comprehensive portfolio of financial management and business intelligence software solutions. The Board remains confident about future
income and profitability."