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9th August 2004 - Standard Chartered Jersey is rolling out a new IT platform
to streamline all client-facing activities and as a component of its 'Future
Bank' project, the Bank will be providing an integrated, IT environment and
customised training simulation of these new systems using VeriSIM's T3
technology. This is being used to train contact centre, relationship management and operations employees at Standard Chartered Bank in Dubai, Jersey, Hong Kong, Chennai, London and Singapore, in advance of the new system going live.

The global training programme will eventually be rolled out to employees at each location. To learn the different functionalities and activities available on the new system, employees first use the tutorials on the fully functional simulation. They then get to 'try' out the workflows by using the perfect simulation to experience the system first hand. Lastly, they move on to take the integrated tests in order to assess their level of comprehension and retention. A central reporting function gathers the test results of each employee for monitoring at a local and international level to provide a complete view of employee understanding and progress.

The new Standard Chartered system allows staff to view extensive client profile information and contact monitoring reports, providing valuable background for maximising cross-selling opportunities, generating leads and converting potential clients. Training staff to access and utilise this level of information definition will allow Relationship Managers to concentrate on brokering deeper relationships with existing clients while supporting a greater number of customers with the same, high level of service.

James Anderson, CEO of VeriSIM, said, "The customer-centric ethos is central
to the financial services sector and Standard Chartered has always been a leader in this area. Its 'Future Bank' transformation to automate and streamline processes is visionary and its selection of application training
provider also worthy of the 'Future' tag. When faced with a challenge to
provide comprehensive staff training at a global level before new systems go
live, VeriSIM's T3 platform uniquely delivers both the structure and the
flexibility required."

Alison McFadyen, Programme Director at Standard Chartered Jersey, said,
"When rolling out new IT systems on such a geographically diverse scale as this, we had to make sure that the training would provide the best support for the employees involved in the change. The demands of implementing the 'Future Bank' project are precise and we found that VeriSIM could match these stringent requirements with their simulation-based training."