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Complexity of reporting is key issue to emerge from Rhyme Systems' EUSD seminar

London, 3 August 2004: Complexity of reporting and the potential change in the time frame emerged as the two key issues in the regulatory changes relating to the European Union Savings Directive (EUSD), in a seminar hosted by Rhyme Systems, supplier of IT solutions to the asset management community.

Over 50 delegates from across the industry and commerce attended the event held at Rhyme's London offices that included presentations from Inland Revenue, Financial Times Interactive Data and City Consultants on 6th July 2004.

The seminar focused on the new reporting requirements the Directive will create and the time frames that businesses need to adhere to. The Directive aims to counter cross border tax evasion by collecting and exchanging information about individuals receiving savings income outside their resident state. Member states, dependent territories and third countries are either collecting and exchanging information, or, are introducing withholding tax.

The regulatory changes (contained in sections 17 and 18) mainly affect banks, registrars, custodians and other financial institutions that make interest payments to individuals. In the UK, private client asset managers are directly impacted if they have overseas resident clients who receive savings interest or coupon payments. The Directive comes into effect at the earliest on 1st January 2005 although this date will probably be delayed by six months to July 2005 - an official announcement is expected soon.

Steve Lally, Products Director of Rhyme Systems, comments: "The seminar identified the key points of the EUSD that we and our clients need to be aware of. It enabled us to show our commitment to our clients and their businesses and collectively plan a way forward."