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Eurex turns over 75.5 million contracts in July

Approximately 75.5 million contracts were traded and cleared by the international derivatives market Eurex in July. This brings the total number of contracts traded in the first seven months of the year to 628 million contracts, an increase of approximately three percent compared to the same period last year (612 million contracts).

The strongest performance in July was delivered by the Fixed Income Derivatives segment, which accounted for around 39 million contracts, or more than half of Eurex's traded volume. At 15.4 million contracts, the Euro-Bund Future retained its position as the most successful product on Eurex. The Euro-Bobl Future accounted for around 11 million contracts, while the traded volume of Euro-Schatz Future contracts totaled around 9 million.

36.6 million contracts were traded in the equity-based derivatives segment in July, 20.4 million of which were attributable to equity index derivatives and 16.2 million of which related to equity options. The strongest performer in the equity index derivatives segment in July was the DJ Euro STOXX 50 Future, with around 8.6 million contracts traded. Trading in Dutch and French equity options remains strong: approximately 691,000 contracts were traded in the segment for Dutch equity options in July. Total trading in Dutch equity options in the first seven months of the year is up 30 percent on the same period in 2003. In July approximately 208,000 contracts were traded in French equity options. Trading in French equity options in the first seven months of the year shows an increase of 128 percent on the same period in 2003. Approximately 2000 contracts were traded in futures on the Dow Jones Italy Titans 30 index on Eurex in the first ten trading days since the product was launched on 19 July.

The electronic trading platform Eurex Bonds, which rounds off Eurex's fixed-income product range, recorded a volume of around 10.8 billion euros (US$ 137 billion) (single counting) in July. 31 participants are currently connected to Eurex Bonds.