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StorageTek Leverages Gresham To Strengthen Automated Tape Solutions

LOUISVILLE, Colo. July 28, 2004 – StorageTek (Storage Technology Corporation., NYSE:STK), the leading provider of enterprise information lifecycle management, announced a global agreement with Gresham enabling StorageTek to offer
Gresham’s advanced Enterprise DistribuTape™ (EDT) software to customers who manage libraries with StorageTek’s ACSLS Manager™ software and/or LibraryStation™ software in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) environments.

“StorageTek and Gresham have been collaborating on TSM solutions for enterprise customers for the past seven years. This agreement solidifies our commitment to those enterprise customers and the TSM technology,” said Gerry Fitzpatrick, business line manager, StorageTek Automated Tape Solutions.

Gresham leverages the advanced functionality of StorageTek’s ACSLS Manager and Library Station library management interfaces to provide StorageTek users with these specific advantages:

Administration optimization through automation
Dynamic tape asset allocation and management
Minimize downtime with high availability operations
Disaster recovery inherent to application design

“Since 1997, we have been working with StorageTek customers to build robust enterprise solutions to maximize their investments in StorageTek’s ‘industrial class’ tape devices and libraries. Our laudable list of Global 500 customers indicates that we are doing something right for StorageTek customers,” said Keith Summers, director of business development for Gresham. “Customer satisfaction has always been StorageTek’s top priority and we have followed that example. We enhance our products based on the customers’ needs and it has proven to be a successful strategy for everyone.”

Gresham’s EDT enables dynamic drive and library sharing between multiple TSM servers and LAN-Free database clients. Additionally, EDT supports multiple instances of ACSLS Manager software-managed libraries, enabling cross-site disaster recovery to be inherent to the application. Customers with multiple data centers utilizing EDT can easily configure them to establish alternate sites for nearly transparent disaster recovery operations.

Several customers with mainframe-controlled libraries have discovered the value in doubling the duty of those resources to centralize open systems tape management. Leveraging the hardware resources, the staff and media handling processes can be applied to the entire enterprise. “EDT was an early player in bridging the gap between storage management in the mainframe and open systems worlds,” said Summers.

About 200 of the top global companies in the world already rely on the combination of StorageTek libraries, IBM TSM and Gresham EDT software to run their data center storage operations.

According to the global reseller agreement, Gresham’s EDT is now available directly from StorageTek for customers worldwide. StorageTek also offers the advanced EDT enhancement modules: EDT-ControlCenter, EDT-AutoClear and EDT-PathWatch.