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White Plains, New York -- July 29, 2004 - What was once manual is now electronic and is saving banks and brokerages lots of time and money. By electronically linking to the internal systems of financial institutions and third party accounting systems, Informa Investment Solutions, Inc. (IIS) has created a faster, more accurate, efficient, and less costly way to receive and process transaction and holding information supplied to its Performer portfolio accounting and performance measurement reporting system. Performer’s open architecture design allows the system to capture data from different sources including proprietary internal bank systems and other accounting software. IIS has recently completed interfaces linking Performer to Mercantile-Safe Deposit & Trust Company and Citigroup. In addition, Performer can now receive imported data via interfaces to the accounting systems of third party platforms SunGard AddVantage for Mercantile-Safe Deposit & Trust Company and SEI T3000 for Lynx Investment Advisory LLC.

Through electronic downloads that occur automatically overnight, daily transactional data is received and daily client portfolio holdings are calculated. Reconciliation procedures are conducted to ensure the veracity of the processed data and the Performer transactions and holdings.

Performer, a fully integrated portfolio accounting and performance reporting platform for money managers and financial advisors, is the most comprehensive performance measurement and client reporting system for securities, asset classes, portfolios, and composites, available in either a CD or web-based application.

“Clients and prospects expect the availability of interfaces and we have once again proven our responsiveness and competitiveness in the financial technology marketplace by providing additional links within our Performer software and services,” commented Lac An Vuong, Managing Director of Informa Investment Solutions. “Today more than ever, we are making an active effort to empower our clients with a greater degree of reporting options that are more frequent, accurate, and flexible.”

For over 20 years, Informa Investment Solutions, Inc. (formerly doing business as Effron PSN, Performer, and netDecide) has been a leading provider of financial information to financial institutions, investment managers, and independent advisors. The company’s products, PSN, Performer, and Wealth Management System, cover investment manager search and evaluation databases, performance reporting solutions and enterprise solutions to assist investment professionals in managing assets and communicating with clients.