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Within the scope of the COPERNIC program, the Internal Revenue Service (DGI) and the General Department of Public Accounts (DGCP) have selected the Open Source solution proposed by Atos Origin and JBoss Inc.

Paris, 12 July 2004 – Atos Origin announces that the Internal Revenue Service (Direction Générale des Impôts - DGI) and the General Department of Public Accounts (Direction Générale de la Comptabilité Publique - DGCP) have selected its Open Source solution, based on the Open Source JBoss application server, for the overhaul of all tax IT system applications in process, within the scope of the COPERNIC program.

Atos Origin put forward an original and innovating service offer based on the use of the Open Source JBoss application server, in response to the tender requested by the Ministry of Finance and Trade (COPERNIC program) to supply and support a J2EE application server and to provide the related services.

The stakes involved in the COPERNIC program implies that the DGI and the DGCP had a very strong reactivity requirements for the support and maintenance of the application server that will be used to develop the Ministry’s new tax applications. Atos Origin and JBoss Inc. provided the DGI and the DGCP with contractual commitments both for corrective and adaptive maintenance in its bid, as well as the capacity to respond to demands for product evolution.

Atos Origin’s bid was based on the partnership that it has established with JBoss Inc., which allows mobilisation of the JBoss developers’ Open Source community in order to respond to the Authorities’ expectations. The joint team of Atos Origin–JBoss Inc. will be involved on a daily basis in the COPERNIC program for a period of three years, not only to ensure the support and follow-up of the evolution of JBoss but also to perform assistance, monitoring and training services for the COPERNIC teams for this freeware.

Jean-Marie Lapeyre, Technical Director of COPERNIC says: “The advantages of freeware are already well-known: very low cost – or free of charge – and source code opening that guarantees the reliability, durability and security of these solutions. The freeware selected by Atos Origin is characterised by its modularity and compliance with the rules and standards, thus guaranteeing its perfect inter-operability and maintainability. Through a large number of tests conducted during the tender process, we have been able to check the reliability and performance of the proposed solution as well as the high quality support to be provided by Atos Origin with JBoss Inc.”

“The development of a professional Open Source solution that is complete and consistent is a major strategic target for Atos Origin. In a growing number of domains, freeware has now achieved a proven level of maturity and many companies and authorities are starting to use them more and more” explains Jean-Pierre Barbéris, Vice-President of the Public Sector of Atos Origin. “Atos Origin has an international expertise centre that is used to test freeware, create close relations with Open Source communities, assess the long term value of Open Source (investment and maintenance) and implement an adequate services and support offer. We can therefore play a role of distribution, supporting, reinsuring in providing full control of the application server and its evolution. “

”The choice of JBoss application server by the tax authorities (COPERNIC) shows the strong trend towards adopting Professional Open Source solutions by the large state bodies”, says Sacha Labourey, Manager of JBoss Europe. “Thanks to its collaboration with Atos Origin, JBoss Inc. is now in a position to provide high-quality services to large institutions that choose Professional 'Open Source”, he states.

The signing of this three year agreement is a first as far as coverage and duration are concerned. It proves the advantages offered by freeware, along with the guarantees provided by the original service offer developed by Atos Origin.