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Lynx Wealth Management Systems launches new document management interface

Lynx Wealth Management Systems, the leading supplier of wealth management systems to the financial services industry, has launched 4DOCS, a powerful, user-friendly software interface which delivers increased efficiencies through the seamless integration of Lynx 4Series system and third-party document management systems.

Exclusive to Lynx and developed in partnership with Alternative Solutions Ltd of Guernsey and Jersey, the 4DOCS software solution provides a highly effective and flexible method of searching, organising, retrieving and distributing relevant documents and content held within customers’ document management systems, as well as structured information processed by 4Series and unstructured information processed by software such as Microsoft™ Word and Excel. 4DOCS is also capable of linking all types of correspondence, including statutory and fiduciary information, and financial reporting to clients and entities.

John Mosedale, Managing Director of Lynx Wealth Management Systems, believes the new interface will prove popular with customers seeking to further extend the capability of their original software investments.

“Genuine seamless integration means customers using 4DOCS gain the opportunity to utilise the full capabilities of both 4Series and a document management system such as Hummingbird DM™ – and gain even greater efficiency by linking the two and creating a single point of access to all information,” explains John. “The result is a world-class solution for customers who rely on timely, accurate and convenient access to essential data.”

The 4DOCS features are prominently located in areas of the 4Series system where text-based information can be referenced to a data file or entered directly. The end user simply selects a button to activate the 4DOCS features for adding, editing and printing related documents.

As 4DOCS can be easily installed and activated the straightforward “on-the-job” training adds to the overall convenience of the software interface. Customers new to 4Series will find the full range of 4DOCS features already integrated into the main system, for immediate launch when required.