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VoiceMatch and Smart Commerce sign agreement To Deliver Secure Voice Authentication Solutions

San Francisco/New York, July 20, 2004. VoiceMatchTM has signed a distributor agreement with US based smart card and security solution provider, Smart Commerce Inc, in which Smart Commerce will become the foundation partner and reseller of VoiceMatchTM’s voice identification and validation (VIV) solutions.

VoiceMatchTM’s VIV suite is a revolutionary voice matching solution that is text independent. This means that the speaker does not have to repeat the same text as was initially stored into the template. In addition, VIV provides a much more accurate solution than other biometric solutions.

Smart Commerce is developing a version of VIV that runs on the smart card, and the authentication/verification can be done locally. In other solutions, the templates can be stored on the host and verified remotely. There are many applications that would benefit from VIV. These range single sign-on (for access to the network) to call center verification.

“We are very excited to be working with VoiceMatchTM,” said Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh, President of Smart Commerce Inc. “The unique VoiceMatchTM software is highly complementary to Smart Commerce’s strategic vision and we believe we are well positioned to drive new business opportunities for the VIV solution in the US and other markets around the world”.

Global issuers are looking at various biometric solutions to solve the problems of security, speed, non-invasive tasks, and cultural clashes. The VoiceMatchTM voice-based solutions are seen by many in government and the private sector as the best available answer today.”

"The VoiceMatchTM VIV technology has been winning international awards for accuracy in identifying individuals as unique for each of the past ten years. Secure commerce is the first major organization to recognize the intrinsic value to the end user, being real security. This technology is to be utilized in everyday commerce from telephone calls to cell phones, LAP TOP computers and pagers. Truly secure identification and verification of users in many vertical markets,” said John Kaufman, CEO of VoiceMatchTM. “As users move to establish more secure access and verification infrastructures, VoiceMatchTM VIV Systems offer the capability to provide security on the smart card and or on the host.”