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WMS Fairs launches universal product provider integration portal.

WMS Fairs is continuing to set the pace in product provider integration to Back Office by launching a one-stop integration portal capable of linking into any major provider database. The development is designed to accommodate the growing desire for rapid bulk data downloads within the IFA market.

This wide reaching integration capability follows WMS Fairs recently developed links into the Cofunds, Fidelity and Selestia databases which allows the immediate transfer of client data and valuations direct into the FAIRS IFA Manager Back Office.

Commenting on the launch of the integration object, Gary Sawyer, Managing Director of WMS FAIRS said:

"The integration facility represents a huge leap in rapid application development for the IFA marketplace. Prior to this development, complete integration between Back Office and fund platform could take up to three months. Now, using our integration object, WMS Fairs can drastically reduce development time down from around three months to just two weeks".

It is envisaged that the integration object will be used to connect to other fund providers, fund supermarkets and other product Providers. The data update process used with the object works in a way that is believed to be unique to WMS Fairs. There are no data exceptions reported as all possible scenarios during such a procedure have been catered for. This ensures that all data is delivered in a complete format.

Sawyer concluded:

"Through working closely with IFAs, WMS Fairs has become increasingly aware of their desire to be able to link directly into product provider databases so they can provide their valued clients with up to the minute investment positions in seconds rather than hours. This not only enhances client relationships but also creates more time for the IFA to pursue more cost effective tasks. The fund integration object aims to ensure IFAs can set up more links to key product providers with the beauty of a much shorter development time scale."