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(NEW YORK July 12, 2004) – Radianz, the leading global provider of financial connectivity services, announced today that MTS S.p.A., the leading participant in the European market for the trading of fixed income securities, has extended its relationship with Radianz for another three years.

Gianluca Garbi, CEO of MTS said, “MTS is established in the wholesale fixed income arena as the widely acknowledged European benchmark. It is also making rapid and significant progress in the B2C sector where it has seen growth of some 600% over the last three years. We selected Radianz as the best partner to provide the fast, secure services we need to continue our growth in BondVision and other new markets.”

Radianz currently provides hosting and network solutions for MTSNet, which includes Telematico On Line (TOL) and BondVision. TOL is a functionality that allows users to access, at a reduced cost, the fixed income prices that are input on the MTS platform by global financial institutions. BondVision, the multi-dealer-to-client market, enables market makers to offer electronic trading services directly to connected clients.

“The electronic trading of fixed income securities has grown exponentially over the last couple of years, and MTS is leading the way in Europe,” added Chris Church, EVP, Strategic Client Development at Radianz. “We are excited about our extended relationship and the great opportunities it presents for both companies in the fixed income arena.”

Radianz provides a neutral platform with a global reach to more than 10,000 financial services sites worldwide. MTS is one of the providers making available its services over Radianz’s shared connectivity platform that can be accessed through one fully managed connection.