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Duchess of Dial

There is nothing worse than sitting down to make 50 to 100 phone calls and spending an entire day (or more) just to reach one potentially interested client. With thousands of companies happy to take that daunting task off your hands, how do you know which one will represent your company as well as you?

The Williams Group is one such company. It’s a sales support and marketing research firm with an edge. Where does the edge come from? Tiara power makes the difference. Williams Group professional marketers don’t suffer from dreaded burn out for longer than it takes to put on their tiaras. It’s all about attitude and determination. Anything that can improve attitude – after a multitude of rejections – works. For the Williams Group’s marketers, putting a tiara on, does the trick. If not fantasies of walking down a runway with an armload of roses, at least the feeling of being crowned ruler of the immediate domain is evoked.

Several major corporations, local and national, have benefited from the Williams Group sales support and marketing research service. Network Dynamics, Inc., is a national network technology and life cycle solutions provider that offers its customers a comprehensive suite of product and service solutions including network implementation, custom network support, managed services, consulting services and secondary market equipment. NDI uses the Williams Group for unsolicited initial contact with potential customers and present them with options for significant savings on their network maintenance support and products. The relationship is paying off.

For any sales and marketing call effort to be successful, several things need to happen. First, you need a script. Williams Group and NDI worked together closely to develop a succinct presentation that articulated the offer immediately – two key elements in attracting attention in the first few seconds of an initial contact call. The contact list is another key to success. The customer lists provided by NDI are chock full of companies that need maintenance contract coverage for their networks. NDI knows their target market.

The last and most important elements for success are open communication and realistic expectations of the outcome. Williams Group communicates with you on a regular, ongoing basis to ensure that the information you need is the information that you get. Lines of communication are always open, responding to your requests as efficiently and quickly as possible. Setting realistic expectations is also tantamount to a successful program. If your company has previously attempted a sales call campaign, you know how challenging projects of this nature can be. Williams Group can easily meet and exceed your expectations with the dedicated and talented resources on staff. With thorough training and expedient follow-up, odds of a successful campaign are significantly increased.

Sales calling is tough – without a doubt. Burn out, lack of time and not enough contact names can mean the end of a project. Williams Group tackles these obstacles in a unique way. Each marketer has the trademark tiara. When the calls get frustrating, the marketers can be immediately transformed into the “Duchess of Dial.” A mirror at the workstation helps as well. Not only does putting on the tiara produce an air of power and fun, it’s just hard not to smile when wearing one. Smiling on the phone may not seem important, but can certainly make all the difference in the outcome of a phone call. As a result, confidence spreads over the phone, and burn out is extinguished by success.

With as many seasoned marketers available for a project as needed, time is not an obstacle. Running out of contacts to call doesn’t have to present a challenge if you change your offering or introduction approach to the same list. Investigating and researching new markets for your campaigns will also create new opportunities. The combination of a new offering with a new, well-researched contact list can open many doors. Remember: making the call means potential opportunity; not making the call means letting those opportunities slip away.

Using a professional sales support and marketing research firm – in concert with e-mail, direct mail, advertising, trade shows and any other marketing effort you choose – is a sure fire way of bringing in new business. Smaller, tightly run firms like the Williams Group are a flexible and cost-effective approach to a longstanding marketing tradition known to be feared, loathed and very successful since the invention of the telephone.