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AXA Bank Belgium acquires Bank Suite software published by BSB

BSB announces that AXA Bank Belgium has just acquired its banking management software BSB-BS. After a comparative study of the various solutions available on the market, AXA Bank Belgium has decided to give BSB the contract for the project of re-engineering the IT system for managing its customers’ securities and investments portfolios. BSB-Bank Suite (BSB-BS), the banking management package published by BSB, was chosen because of its functional qualities, its flexibility, its modularity and its substantial technological lead, among other factors. The package will be deployed at the bank's head office in Antwerp to run the back-office, as well as the 1,000 AXA bank branches in Belgium.

In order to increase its securities business, AXA Bank Belgium wanted to equip its central system and its branches with an innovative IT solution. AXA Bank Belgium established a specification analyzing the functional requirements and the technical requirements.

In functional terms, the solution should be able to manage all the investment and securities portfolio management activities of AXA Bank Belgium, as well as the associated operations. From the technical viewpoint, AXA Bank Belgium recently made strategic choices based on the very latest technologies. As a result, the solution should be based on this technological environment and be integrated with the existing applications.

Following a major comparative analysis of the banking solutions on the market based on these various criteria, AXA Bank Belgium chose BSB Bank Suite. Apart from comprehensive coverage of the functional requirements expressed by AXA Bank Belgium, one of the differentiating factors was the technological advance of BSB-BS. The intrinsic technical characteristics of BS, based on Java, J2EE and XML standards, met all the requirements specified by AXA Bank, and even anticipated certain future developments. Other factors, such as the vision of the project and the advice from the BSB consultants, as well as the possibility in BSB-BS of personalizing the relationship with customers, without that slowing down the processing of operations in the central system, were also decisive.