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Gartner endorse PolarLake Integration Suite for departmental integration projects requiring high speed XML Processing

(Dublin, June 28th 2004) In a recent Gartner research report titled "PolarLake Uses Fast XML Processing to Integrate Applications", the analyst firm advises organizations to "Consider PolarLake for departmental or business unit integration projects requiring high-speed transformation and routing of complex messages". The report is available online.

PolarLake(tm) is a leader in standards-based incremental integration and provides a complete suite of products (PolarLake Integration Suite) for implementing XML and Web Services-based solutions, including those based on the Enterprise Service Bus architecture. Performance and scalability are at the heart of PolarLake's offering with it's Dynamic XML Runtime(tm), a Java engine capable of high-speed transformation, routing, splitting and combining of complex documents based on XML. "In a real-world project, PolarLake processes 120 complex documents per second on a single machine," said Massimo Pezzini, Gartner Analyst

Next month sees the release of PolarLake Integration Suite V4.0 providing support for Business Activity Management (BAM) and business process orchestration based on the BPEL4WS standard providing all the capabilities of high-end EAI products within a light-footprint, standards-based infrastructure supporting incremental integration.

To find out more about PolarLake's offering, review the Introduction to PolarLake Technology and Products whitepaper