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Yamner & Co. Selects CameronFIX Solution for Enhanced FIX Strategy

NEW YORK, NY, June 22, 2004 — New Jersey–based broker dealer Yamner & Co. Inc., this week announced the deployment of the CameronFIX Engine for an enhanced FIX strategy. Yamner will utilize the CameronFIX Engine for processing real-time execution and settlement information via the FIX protocol, in support of its 700+ institutional, and several thousand high net-worth retail clients.

Steve Goldman, Yamner’s CEO, comments, "For a highly scalable implementation of the FIX protocol, we require the highest performance, most mature FIX solution. Such a design should minimize the complexities of FIX, making it simple, and allowing us to operate with greater ease and efficiencies. After evaluating virtually all of the reputable FIX engines available, we were able to confidently conclude that CameronFIX outperforms not only in speed but also in simplicity.

"Many aspects of Cameron’s technologies impressed us. For example, we found their Monitoring GUI to be exceptional. Real-time electronic transactions, mostly in sub-seconds, require tools for maximum visibility that in some ways can be likened to instruments required for flying a plane. The more you can see, the greater your ability to respond quickly. In problematic situations, seconds count. Cameron’s design is outstanding. Technical support was also fundamental to our final decision and we found Cameron Systems to be highly service-orientated."

Goldman continues, "Yamner has been involved in FIX since the protocol’s early maturation in the mid- and late-1990's. Over the years, our affiliated software company has been building order management and routing technologies, having delivered solutions to some of the industry’s most notable firms. With transaction volumes expanding, and delay tolerances narrowing, we fully understand the absolute need to employ the best technologies in support of our high volume agency trading desk. We connect to over 82 contra-destinations, including all ECNs, regional and listed exchanges, third and fourth markets, ATS’s and other market centers. CameronFIX gives us a highly reliable, efficient way to operate across these various routes."

"Yamner & Co’s decision to switch to CameronFIX after the firms lengthy FIX engine evaluation process is a great result for Cameron Systems," said Cameron Systems Commercial Director Martin Koopman. "We are pleased to be providing FIX expertise and connectivity for their 700+ institutional clients."

Yamner & Co. deployed the CameronFIX Engine in May of 2004. The purchase of the CameronFIX Engine version 6.1 came complete with Monitoring 3.0 and Scheduling options.

For further information please contact:
Annie Walsh, Cameron Systems, Tel. +61.412.867.068
Martin Koopman, Cameron Systems, Tel. +1.917.639.4127
Steve Goldman, Yamner & Co., Tel. +1.201.587.2424