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West Bromwich Building Society move towards a paperless training centre.

From flipcharts to interactive whiteboards, SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards are proving to be a major component in a cultural change programme
at West Bromwich Building Society (WBBS)

West Bromwich Building Society has recently bought their training delivery into the 21st Century, replacing a paper based learning environment with the efficiencies that technology can offer.

As one of the UK’s largest building societies, development and training is a priority for WBBS in helping staff meet the needs of customers. Training courses encompassing a wide range of individual and corporate needs, from IT to customer relationship management are now being carried out using large display collaborative technologies – in this instance, with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

This systematic cultural change project redefines the training processes in a more efficient manner, which is critical in maintaining the competitive edge of the Society and its employees.

Portable flipcharts, screens and projectors have been replaced by a more technologically advanced and efficient way of training. WBBS’s Training Project Co-ordinator, Lee Dukes, explains. "The challenge was to find a solution to improving the way we delivered training courses beyond flipcharts to something which offered a better image perspective as well as giving us the interactive ability to explain concepts and strategies more clearly."

Suppliers Matrix Displays had proposed the collaborative tool to enable users to interact with the presented information through the touch screen technology. The trainer and trainees can control any computer application, write notes over the top of material, draw diagrams or highlight information with their finger or the stylus provided. All collated information is saved and emailed to delegates for reference, or to those who could not attend the course.

"Feedback from employees who have attended the courses has been very positive and they have responded well to the interactive methods of teaching," confirms Lee. "It is not only much easier to explain complex concepts to employees, but the interactive nature of the SMART Board means that they also feel encouraged to explain what they are looking for in terms of their personal training needs. Our trainers have also found it easy to get to grips with a much more efficient and paperless alternative to flipcharts.

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