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FFASTFILL PLC Announces New Customer: Advance Trading Group. FFastFill Application Services Takes Off

June 22. FFastFill are pleased to announce a new customer for its fully managed ASP service. Advance Trading Group has signed an Agreement that will provide it with a resilient, fully managed technology service enabling them to service their arcade with the highest quality of service.

Advance Trading Group is based in the City of London and has been providing trading facilities to locals and proprietary traders since January 1999. Through it's core FSA regulated entities they provide high quality and cost effective access to EUREX, CBOT, Euronext London, Euronext Paris and EDX London.
David Dressel, Co-owner of Advance said, "We conducted an extensive review of all the solutions available in the current market, these ranged from software only solution to complete outsourced services.

We concluded that the FFastFill offering is the highest quality solution on the market and will help us to grow our business by building a reputation for offering market leading trading facilities in terms of speed, reliability and price."

Keith Todd, Chairman of FFastFill said, "We are extremely pleased that Advance have decided to use the FFastFill ASP service. This is our fourth new customer for this service which demonstrates that the financial services sector is ready for a high quality managed services offering "

For further information, please contact:
Rostron Parry
John Parry
020 7490 8062
FFastFill plc
Keith Todd
Executive Chairman
020 7665 8900