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Bloomberg Selects Mainstream Data to Distribute Bloomberg News Worldwide

SALT LAKE CITY, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Mainstream Data announced that it
has been awarded a contract by Bloomberg LP to provide a custom global
distribution platform for Bloomberg News. "Mainstream won the business
because it can help Bloomberg News better meet the ever-changing demands of
our global newspaper customers. We are now able to deliver to all our print
media subscribers a customized news feed that is tailored to their editorial
system and will adapt as their needs change. Regardless of the language,
location or technical requirements, Bloomberg now has a news feed solution
that matches the real-time world in which we operate," said Dylan Cohen, Team
Leader, Newspaper Relations for Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg will use Mainstream's unique MediasNet distribution network --
an Internet-based streaming protocol that provides real-time, guaranteed, and
secure data transmission. Bloomberg is also installing Mainstream's Medias
Server at its customer sites, which is an input agnostic (Internet, leased
circuit, or satellite) multimedia server that captures feeds, stores content
locally, and interfaces with end-user applications.

The Medias Server handles any file type or format/character set. Bloomberg will use Mainstream's Medias technology to deliver its content in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and English. Support for foreign languages was a key consideration in Bloomberg's selection of Mainstream.

The Medias Server also features Mainstream's MediasNews(TM) Distribution
Suite that provides a broad spectrum of output options, including RS-232 serial, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP push, and file sharing protocols, thus allowing
Bloomberg to deliver its content in the most flexible and customer-friendly
way possible.

"Many news and information providers are trying to figure out how to simply and cost effectively deliver content to widely scattered customers around the globe," according to Maureen Ahern, VP of Sales at Mainstream Data.
"Mainstream's solution can be installed in a few minutes by local personnel.
And once installed, a Medias Server can then, support enhanced media such as
graphics, digital photographs, and video."

Mainstream's sophisticated head-end caching functionality provides guaranteed delivery of Bloomberg's News. Mainstream stores content at the head-end for sites that lose connectivity and automatically retransmits it when the customer site comes back on line.

In addition to providing real time push delivery of Bloomberg News, Mainstream designed and hosts a web site for Bloomberg that serves as a backup to its MediasNet "push" delivery network as well as a primary distribution medium for customers looking for a browser-based solution. According to Margaret Trapp, Managing Editor at Bloomberg News, "Mainstream's ability to deliver an end-to-end solution and leading edge technology, along with their twenty years of experience, made it the obvious choice."

"We are pleased to have been selected by Bloomberg," said Scott Calder, President of Mainstream Data. "Our partnership with Bloomberg illustrates that Mainstream's collaborative, customer-focused approach allows our customers to focus their resources on creating 'must have' content while we take care of the 'bits and bytes' required to deliver it."