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Aspen Hedge Hires Gregor Rominger

Philadelphia June 21, 2004 - FNX Limited (FNX), a leader in the delivery of technology solutions to the global financial markets, announced today the appointment of Gregor Rominger as head of data services for Aspen Hedge. Mr. Rominger will be responsible for managing and maintaining Aspen Hedge’s data services offering and will contribute to the evolution of Aspen Hedge as the leading ASP solution for the Hedge Fund industry.

Mr. Rominger was formerly at UBS, where for more than a decade he held various senior positions, including head of the treasury derivatives back office operations at the Zurich headquarters. There he was responsible for managing and developing the processing and settlement of all trading activities in foreign exchange options and interest rate derivatives. Prior to that, Mr. Rominger was the head of operations at UBS Canada in Toronto. His responsibility included the back office operation for foreign exchange, money markets, and securities transactions.

Mr. Rominger’s strong capital markets background will help the Aspen Hedge team to further develop their offering. His team provides a dynamic system structure and complete support for its clients by satisfying highly sophisticated requirements for market data through one central point. The data services team, headed by Mr. Rominger is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive data services structure to ease mid and back office duties at Aspen Hedge clients.

Rominger says: "I am thrilled to join Aspen Hedge. They have a great reputation for consistency and dedication to developing and advancing their technology to fit the needs of their clients and the market. I am very pleased to be responsible for the data services offering. With this structure we will allow our clients to concentrate on their business and reduce their operational risk by minimizing errors caused by manual user interaction. Our main goal is to accelerate response time to service requests, improve service availability and ensure the quality of the data for Aspen Hedge."

Finn Christensen, executive managing director for Aspen Hedge, said: "We are excited that Gregor has joined our team. His skills, professionalism, high-energy, and years of industry experience are the perfect complement to the group. I am confident that Gregor will be a key member of our team and will significantly contribute to helping us meet our ambitious goals for Aspen Hedge."