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Since 1984 ACI has Delivered Payment Processing Support to Alliance & Leicester and Today Supports the Bank's Risk Management Strategy

(Watford, UK - June 15, 2004) - ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq: TSAI), a leading international provider of enterprise payment solutions, today celebrates a 20-year business partnership with Alliance & Leicester, the eighth largest bank in the UK. Since 1984, Alliance & Leicester has used ACI's BASE24® software to support transaction processing across growing customer channels. Today, the bank continues to use payment software from ACI along with expert risk management technology to manage its exposure to potential fraud.

In 1984, Girobank, later to become part of Alliance & Leicester, was the first EMEA customer to deploy BASE24 software. BASE24 has evolved with Alliance & Leicester and now supports the bank's network of over 2,500 ATMs. In 1984 initial transaction volumes were around 60 per day per ATM. Today, Alliance & Leicester experiences peak ATM traffic at 33 transactions per second, equating to over 1.2 million transactions per day. ACI's high performance software provides device driving, transaction routing and authorisation for every transaction across the bank's network.

Alliance & Leicester was also the first European customer to implement ACI
Proactive Risk Manager(tm) to detect potentially fraudulent behaviour. The solution combines network scoring technology with rules-based strategies and
advanced client/server workflow. It enables Alliance & Leicester to prevent and detect fraud quickly and effectively.

The bank also required a solution to look into the areas of account takeover, identity theft and compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. It wanted to proactively monitor transaction activity and identify unusual transactions early in their lifecycle to minimise risk exposure and costs. Alliance & Leicester launched a current account profiling project, part of a major 'Know Your Customer' anti-money laundering initiative that also took into account the bank's need for an enterprise view of risk management and compliance with government regulation. To support this vision, the bank began using ACI's anti-money laundering and debit and credit card fraud detection software as the underpinning technology. With these solutions in place, Alliance & Leicester has further improved its fraud prevention strategy and achieved significant cost savings and benefits.

"With technological expertise from solution providers like ACI Worldwide, Alliance & Leicester has been very successful in the UK market," said Peter
Duffell, head of business systems delivery, Alliance & Leicester. "We are well-placed to benefit from the advantages that BASE24 offers our business and have increased confidence in the legitimacy of transaction approval, thus enabling us to focus more resource on high risk activity. We look forward to the continued success of our relationship with ACI."

"Our 20 year partnership with Alliance & Leicester marks an important milestone in the evolution of our business," said Richard Launder, managing director for ACI Worldwide in EMEA. "We have supported the bank throughout its own progression and contributed to the forward-thinking financial organisation it is today. Alliance & Leicester has also played a significant role in the advancement of our products and their uptake across EMEA. We are delighted to celebrate our relationship and look to the future for another 20 years of success."

Executives from both Alliance & Leicester and ACI celebrated the partnership last night at an executive dinner at Kilworth House in Leicestershire. Mark
Vipond, president of ACI Worldwide and Russell Simm, director, technology & process design, Alliance & Leicester marked the occasion with a donation to the UK's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) FULL STOP Campaign, a charity supported closely by Alliance & Leicester.

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