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CityCompass Announces B.I.S.S. 2004 Benchmarking of Integration and Web Services systems to achieve flexibility of financial services legacy systems

London, UK 14th,June 2004 CityCompass, the independent facilitator of contemporary market issues affecting the financial services sector, today announced that the 2004 benchmarking of integration and web services systems has commenced. The business benchmarking of integration and web services systems is a valuable event for both buyers of systems and the vendors. By establishing what the business criteria are for system selection, this will assist a speedy selection process and ultimately implementation, providing customer satisfaction.

This year’s successful vendors will receive an industry approval logo, which will promote their systems to the buyers, as best of breed. The conference and exhibition will be in the City of London in September 2004 and will focus on the benchmarked systems in terms of flexibility of working with legacy systems, to enable companies to meet the enormous challenges facing Business and I.T. operations in 2005.

A report published by Bloor Research is anticipated ready for sale close to the September event, which will include the detailed system reviews and thoughts of the financial services user panel plus the product reviews by the Bloor Research analyst. This document will provide some important pre SIBOS marketing collateral for the vendors and a useful first step for those considering buying an integration or web services product.

CityCompass has partnered with the Integration Consortium of leading vendors and financial services firms on this event, which will promote the excellence of their members and their systems.

Bob McDowall the Chief Executive of Bloor Research said "This is the second year of Bloor Research’s involvement with the CityCompass B.I.S.S. event and we are delighted to be able to provide a report that will be of great value to both vendors and their prospects"

Steve Craggs, European Chairman of the Integration Consortium said "Once again, this event should provide valuable guidance to customers within the finance industry on which integration vendors have the best fit for their business needs. This is exactly the sort of value-add that the Integration Consortium wants to see provided for its members and integration customers as a whole."

Gary Wright Managing Director of CityCompass and the creator of the benchmarking concept said "The second year of this benchmarking event is concentrating on flexibility of the systems to work with legacy in financial services. We expect to provide all the participating vendors with the ideal package to showcase their systems strengths in financial services and at the same time inform the market users of both business and I.T. operations of the business benchmarks and which systems achieve them"