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DIEBOLD and BRIXLOGIC team up to offer XML-based multi-channel banking integration solutions

SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 9th, 2004 – Brixlogic, a provider of integration solutions for the financial services industry, today announced it has become an active member of Diebold’s Partner Information Xchange (PIX) program. The PIX program enhances and promotes Diebold’s relationship with software suppliers, by supporting them from a technical and business perspective.

Brixlogic believes that with this partnership, both companies are positioned to accomplish a major technological breakthrough in the banking industry. "I am very excited about this partnership," said Xavier Wartelle, CEO of Brixlogic, "I believe Diebold can really leverage our unique XML-based multi-channel banking integration technology to realize the long-awaited integration of the ATM channel with the Web channel, and ultimately provide a consistent and intuitive customer experience across all delivery channels. Banks will enjoy a dramatic reduction in the cost and time required to deploy new services, rules and policies, across various customer touch points."

Diebold will also benefit from Brixlogic in facilitating the integration process with banks’ legacy systems and ensuring faster development of new services. "We are delighted to partner with Brixlogic because of the agility its technology brings to us along with the strategic fit with our software development philosophy. This should significantly shorten time-to-market for multi-channel banking solutions integrating the ATM while optimizing the development cycle," said James Trocme, director of Software Solutions at Diebold.

To better integrate their technology with other parts of Diebold self-service terminals, Brixlogic joined the Partner Information Xchange. "We are very pleased to be affiliated with Diebold," said Xavier Wartelle, CEO of Brixlogic. "Our unique technology and our experience leveraging open standards such as XML, Web Services and IFX to deliver true multi-channel integration with the global leader in self-service banking products, will enable us to stay at the forefront of the multi-channel banking integration solutions space."