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Cresta Group and Exoftware Announce Partnership. Joint venture to provide Agile Methodologies expertise to reduce software development risk and deliver business value.

LONDON, UK and DUBLIN, Ireland Thursday 10th June
Cresta Group and Exoftware today announce a partnership to provide Agile software development methodologies enablement services to companies in Ireland and the UK. The partnership will bring together the testing and test strategy strengths of Cresta Group with the Agile enablement and technical skills of Exoftware. Services will be provided to companies across all sectors.

Brian Hanly, director of new business development for Exoftware, a specialist in Agile Enablement, welcomes the partnership with Cresta Group in providing a complete package for software development process improvement, from technical excellence, Agile management and Agile testing.

"The groundswell of uptake and interest in Agile software methods and Extreme Programming across Ireland and the UK makes this partnership key for us. Importantly, clients will have the opportunity to take advantage of two very capable, committed and expert companies."

Agile software development methodologies, and specifically Extreme Programming launched in the early 90s by Small Talk expert, Kent Beck, have caused a revolution in the software industry. Many companies who have adopted the methods say that improvements in their software processes have been unparalleled. Analysts believe that Agile methods will be as ground-breaking to the software industry as TQM and Lean was in the 1980’s for the manufacturing industry.

"By focusing on rapid release and an iterative development process, we can significantly reduce software development risk, improve the ability to respond to changing business needs, and perhaps most importantly, deliver business value," states Hanly. "At the foundation of Agile processes like Extreme Programming is a focus on technical excellence and delivering business value, something we regularly help clients deliver on."

David Cotterell, CEO Cresta Group, the London headquartered professional services organisation with a focus on testing and test strategies, says, "For Cresta, Agile methods and specifically Agile testing are the perfect fit, for the best practice test strategies we have always deployed, so successfully with our clients across a multitude of industries."

"In essence, Agile testing is about moving testing up the development cycle and making testing an integral part of software development. As quality engineers, we are looking to help companies ‘build quality in’ early, rather than wait to test for quality at the end of the cycle. This focus, combined with the other Agile enablement practices, will help companies gain a serious competitive advantage through reducing time to market," says Cotterell.
As a kick off to the partnership, Cresta and Exoftware will be hosting an Agile workshop for a number of clients and will be including an Agile based case study with Egg.

"With Cresta’s track-record in testing strategies and Exoftware’s expertise in Agile enablement, clients will gain significant improvements to their software development and QA cycles," adds Cotterell.

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