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TransactTools Launches Version 4 of its INTELLIGENT CONNECTIVITY Platform

New York and London, June 7

Over Half of the World’s Top 15 Financial Firms Already Customers

TransactTools, the leader in electronic trading connectivity solutions, has announced the release of version 4 of its INTELLIGENT CONNECTIVITY platform. The result of over two years of research and development, the new platform release was inspired by direct customer feedback to better address the strategic requirements of transactional connectivity at the enterprise level. With version 4, TransactTools becomes the first and only vendor to offer a complete solution for Transactional Connectivity Management (TCM) -- the new class of enterprise trading technology that extends the capabilities of traditional connectivity software by adding real-time business intelligence, transparency, and management capabilities across a firm's global trading environment.

Sam Johnson, President of TransactTools, remarked "Customers are tired of integrating, managing, and supporting FIX engines. There's no competitive advantage in that. Especially among tier-one firms, a lot of companies have outgrown their vendor or proprietary FIX engines and are now looking for enterprise-scale solutions that allow them to really take advantage of the transparency and real-time decision-making capabilities that global connectivity creates. This is what version 4 is—the highest-performing messaging server, with integrated transaction management and analysis capabilities that the business needs."

Each of TransactTools' core products has been significantly enhanced to meet the challenges faced by the company's rapidly growing customer base. The ttCONNECT messaging server now provides true application extensions for high-performance customization, and operates in a complete 100% uptime environment. Connection schedules, routing, and business rules can be configured on the fly, all without taking the engine out of production or affecting the status of other connections. The administrative GUI has been enhanced to provide an even more flexible and user-friendly console for managing the entire enterprise from one screen. ttALERT 4 is the industry's only real-time application server platform for enterprise-wide transaction management, with full support for graphing, multiple application windows, and more flexible navigation tools. ttALERT 4 has expanded capabilities for gathering events from all sources and systems across the enterprise, as well as more scalable deployment options to provide a truly global solution for the most demanding environments.

ttCERT continues to be the industry standard for pre-production trading partner testing as well as internal regression and QA testing. Proven in the marketplace by over 1500 firms, ttCERT continues to provide significant cost-savings to exchanges, fund managers and broker-dealers every day. The latest version allows firms to drive the behavior of their tests by using production log files, providing a much more flexible way for firms to continuously ensure compatibility with production systems.