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Panopticon Announces Visual Portfolios for Asset Management . Visual Portfolios allows you to visualise and interpret key performance indicators in seconds

June 8, 2004, Stockholm, Sweden – Panopticon, the supplier of real-time visualisation tools, today announced its latest product for the asset management community - Visual Portfolios. Panopticon Visual Portfolios complements traditional tools and increases the speed with which the user can analyse information by at least 400%. Users are quickly able to recognise essential information through the application of heat mapping.

"Visual Portfolios offers asset managers a product that allows them to spend more time proactively managing funds, delivering better returns with less risk", said Willem De Geer, CEO of Panopticon. "An asset manager that uses Visual Portfolios gains a competitive edge by finally being able to take a proactive approach to decision making," De Geer continues.

A portfolio manager often needs to view data that cannot be readily analysed within the limitations of two-dimensional tables and charts. Getting an overview of this information involves continually jumping between multiple tables and charts before the information becomes useful. These limitations on traditional tools often result in portfolio managers spending inordinate amounts of time slicing and dicing information in spreadsheets to analyse market information in a meaningful way.

With Visual Portfolios you can visualise and understand performance indicators in seconds for multiple portfolios, a specific portfolio, or even selected instruments: Performance by instrument type, country, sector, against internal models, against benchmarks, etc; Risk tracking against different benchmarks and risk attribution; Attribution by instrument type, country, sector, portfolio, portfolio manager or even analyst; Compliance for regulatory or internal criteria.


Colour can be used to illustrate urgency by highlighting instruments that require attention due to underperformance
Size can be used to show importance, for example the value of a particular instrument
Grouping can demonstrate relationships between instruments, and allows users to manipulate the way information is displayed
Single screen overview: unlike traditional reporting tools, the value of a heat map increases with the volume of information. In a single window you can easily visualise the performance of thousands of instruments. Information is sorted based on user-defined criteria thus complementing existing business processes and specific user requirements.

Please watch out for Panopticon on stand 1714 at this years SIA conference.