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Altium Invests In Perfect Analysis

London, 7th June 2004 - Perfect Information, the global provider of financial information, today announced that it has signed a deal with Altium, providing the pan-European investment banking group with its display, charting and analytical tool, Perfect Analysis. Perfect Analysis is a global securities tool that combines with leading sources of financial information to cover over 100,000 global securities. Perfect Analysis provides news, fundamental company data, pricing and economic data, broker forecasts and global indices.

Altium has been expanding its equity research, sales, trading and corporate
finance operations and to support this, it needed to intensify its research and analysis into institutional equities. Altium therefore needed a service that would provide them with advanced analytics, but at the same time had a user-friendly interface to fit the needs of many different user skill sets within the company. Perfect Analysis was also specifically tailored for Altium to incorporate a feed for the company’s broker research.

"We looked for a product that not only met each of our requirements, but also one that we could tailor to match the working patterns of every user", said Greg Feehely, Head of Research, Altium Securities. "In particular, it was important that we chose a product that incorporated functionality to help users save time. With Perfect Analysis, we found charting tools, intuitive reporting and viewing formats and more, which helped fulfil this requirement. The level of support we received was a major factor in our decision to choose Perfect Analysis and we are confident that the features it provides will greatly enhance the analysis process."

The functionality of Perfect Analysis has helped Altium users significantly
reduce time spent on analytics, such as the ability to view and analyse data
from Excel and PowerPoint at the click of a button. In addition, users are now able to easily export data into Excel and PowerPoint. Altium can now chart and display data according to a variety of criteria, including time span and format. Altium was also keen to take advantage of the customised tear-sheet facility, thereby allowing in-house desktop publishing.

"We recognised from the initial contact we had with Altium that they needed not only an in-depth analytical solution, but also one that was innovative and personalised to reflect Altium’s own working ethos," said Greg Simidian, Managing Director, Perfect Information. “ We were happy to spend time tailoring our solution for such a forward-thinking company as Altium and look forward to continuing a close working relationship with them as their financial information needs change."

Perfect Analysis - Content
* Global Equities Database - Up to 20 year archive for data on over 50,000
equities including price, volumes, marketing capitalisation, earning and
* Indices - 12 year archive on over 12,000 indices
* Historical Fundamental data from Standard & Poors - 10 year archive on
over 20,000 companies providing a high level of cross border and industry
comparability resulting in improved searching and relative performance
* International Newswire and Regulatory News Service Announcements.
* Perfect View. - Company briefing documents on over 30,000 companies
* Exchange Rates
* Macro Economics
* Forecast Earnings
* Broker Research (Multex 360)

Perfect Analysis - Key Features
* Extensive graphics package
* Report building and in-depth analysis
* Flexible searching across every content area of Perfect Analysis
* Easy to use peer group analysis
* Portfolio building and user created indices
* Content can be easily exported into PowerPoint and Excel with one click
* Tear sheet design (allowing in-house desktop publishing)
* Downloading capabilities with full support for other Windows applications
* Design own composite display, using company logo
* Cost effective and flexible pricing policy.