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Axway launches complete integration platform

- Flexible and modular architecture
- Component-based solution enabling enterprise-wide integration through project-specific use

2 June 2004 - Uxbridge, Middlesex: Axway today announced the introduction of its global integration offering, the Axway Integration Platform (XIP). Through XIP, Axway will provide all the software components required for integrating enterprise business processes and monitoring business activity.

The development of XIP is a result of Axway's 20 years experience in EAI. In order to offer an architecture capable of confronting the acceleration with which new standards emerge, XIP consists of software 'layers' which respond to the problems of:

* process automation
* data exchange
* data manipulation
* management of extended business processes.

From a functional perspective, XIP allows organisations to solve integration issues starting anywhere in the enterprise, building to complete integration one step and one component at a time.

Martin Stern, managing director UK and Ireland, commented: "The architecture offered by Axway is flexible and modular, allowing our clients to select from an "à la carte" solution-set, where they choose only what will be immediately useful. The addition of supplemental elements or adapters at any time can increase the ROI from the integration project."

The Axway Integration Platform lets the user utilise any component in any mix. The components can be used independently or in combination as part of a solution set. Together, any mix of XIP components resolves a larger problem in that set. These components include:

* XIB - an integration broker
* XPM - for business process management
* XMS - a messaging engine, which is JMS-compliant
* XWS - a web services broker
* XFB - a file transfer management system
* XOS - for systems and operation management.

A fundamental element of XIP is Axway Designer, which ensures parameter definition for the entire set of elements involved in the EAI infrastructure. Through centralised configuration, it reinforces coherence in platform management and at the same time supplies users with all the functions required to define and implement the dataflows to be processed.

Similarly, Axway Sentinel provides XIP components with both technical and business process monitoring functions for the set of components in the exchange infrastructure.

Stern concluded: "The Axway Integration Platform lets you start your integration with any project, any department, at any scale, at any speed. If your requirements involve the problem of interpreting, enriching and transforming data, then the Axway Integration Broker would represent the logical starting point for solving the Integration problem. But if you require secured, guaranteed, non-intrusive, enhanced file exchange management, then the Axway File Broker can return your investment faster than any product known to us."

For further information please contact:
Nicola Dobson
Tel: +44 (0) 1959 568 534