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Ubitrade Expands its "Ubitrade Data Services - UDS" Offer

Ubitrade, a leading supplier of advanced system solutions for the finance
industry, today announces major enhancements to its data flow offer, marketed under the name of Ubitrade Data Services (UDS), and which combines a settlement data service and a contract data service.

Ubitrade Data Services includes:
- UDS / SD (standing for Settlement Data), which automatically downloads clearing data for more than fifty futures and / or options markets
- UDS / CD (standing for Contract Data), which automatically creates any new contract in Ubix' referential (Ubix is Ubitrade's derivative clearing and settlement system), on a daily basis. UDS/CD includes all contract-related information, including the maturity rules.

Mr. Laurent Jacquemin, Head of Client Services, Ubitrade, commented: "We developed this new service to help our clients face the increasing number of new contracts launched by derivative markets, which complicates the maintenance of the back-office derivative software's contract database.

More efficiency and less operational risk are only a part of the benefits our clients may draw from this data-processing centralization. In this way, they can dedicate themselves to tasks with higher added-value."