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Nomadtrack saves National Farmers' Union call centre nearly 20% on cost of headsets

London, UK, 1st June 2004 – Nomadtrack, the leading provider of intelligent asset management systems for those ‘small items’ within an office or call centre environment, has today announced a successful implementation with Associa, the outsourced call centre for the National Farmers’ Union. Nomadtrack has been working with Associa for the past 18 months, during which time the cost of repair and replacement of headsets has fallen from £8,000 per year to £1,300. The Nomadtrack system tracks and records headset allocation as well as user history, which gives the call center manager complete control.

Stephen Curtis, contact centre manager, Associa commented, "Before implementing the Nomadtrack system, headsets in our call centre were viewed as consumable items – they were thrown in drawers, dropped in bags, sat on and dipped in coffee. No one knew how many headsets we had or who had what headset. The result was that we were spending, on average, between £7,000 and £8,000 per year on headset repair and replacement."

The Nomadtrack system was installed in December 2002 and instantly enabled Associa to track and record all headset allocation. Using the Nomadtrack system enabled Associa to:
- Reduce repair and replacement costs
- Monitor repairs and warranty work
- Accurately forecast failure and repair rates
- Conduct regular headset testing
- Record headset history in the call centre
- Keep an audit of agent and headset transactions
- Ensure a higher return on investment
- Print off reports at the touch of a button

"Our system is so simple and easy to use, yet it can bring immediate return on investment to any call centre, regardless of size," commented Paul Jenkins, Managing Director, Nomadtrack.

"The Nomadtrack system has paid for itself within a matter of months. Currently, we only spend an average of £1,300 per year on headsets repair and replacements and has delivered a 200% return on our investment. We definitely could not do without the system now", added Curtis.

Associa has noted two additional benefits of the Nomadtrack system. The system has enabled Associa to comply with Health & Safety Executive guidelines on headset hygiene by ensuring hygiene checks are carried out as and when they should. Additionally, Associa has noticed a change in employee’s approach to headsets.

"Previously our organistional culture seemed to encourage agents to view headsets as a throw away item. Nomadtrack has introduced a personal headset allocation system which makes every agent responsible for their own headset. This has created a culture where headsets are valued as a vital tool of the trade, which in turn has increased the life duration of the headset."

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