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PolarLake announces product roadmap for PolarLake Integration Suite v4.0: adds BPEL and BAM support

Completes standards-based Integration Suite based on the Enterprise Service Bus architecture

(Thursday, 20th May 2004) PolarLake, a leader in standards-based incremental integration, today announces its technology roadmap for PolarLake Integration Suite V4.0, scheduled for release in July 2004. This adds support for business activity management and business process orchestration based on the BPEL4WS (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) standard. With this release, the PolarLake Integration suite now matches the capabilities of high-end Enterprise Application Integration products within a light-footprint, standards-based infrastructure supporting incremental integration.

"This release adds the final pieces of functionality that allow PolarLake to deliver the capabilities associated with traditional EAI products, within an open standards-based architecture which delivers greatly reduced project cost, inherent flexibility to evolve with business requirements, and the ability to deliver integration projects on an incremental basis", said Ronan Bradley, CEO, PolarLake. "Specifically, this release addresses key requirements for organizations solving the most complex integration problems with XML and Web Services - the need to orchestrate business processes within and across departments and to track and monitor the flow of process and data through the network. "