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Northern Arch Press Release

Northern Arch, a global provider of asset finance, leasing, mortgage management and consumer credit software, today added S.M.E. Commercial Finance Ltd to its growing list of 42™ clients - making a hat trick for this month.

Northern Arch’s fully integrated end to end leasing, mortgage management and consumer credit solution will enable S.M.E to automate and maximise the effectiveness of its complex and diverse business operations with straight through processing (STP), thereby minimising costs and risk.

S.M.E’s system requirements were complex and the solution needed to cover all aspects including contract initiation, processing, accounting and risk assessment over a very wide range of asset classes.

42™ is unique due to its ability to cater for these complex and diverse requirements in a single database.

John Ridout, Director, Northern Arch says: "This provides further evidence of our ability to provide an end-to-end solution for Asset Finance - the market is increasingly looking for new solutions, which integrate all aspects of their business processes to replace their legacy systems."

Michael Pratt, Managing Director, S.M.E. Commercial Finance says: "We conducted extensive research of the market which included preliminary investigations and qualifications, an Invitation To Tender, presentations and workshops. Having looked at many solutions, we chose 42™ due to its unrivalled ability to process and manage all our asset classes whilst being flexible enough to fit our present and future needs. This is very important for us as we continue to develop our innovative financial packaging in response to our clients’ needs, whilst maintaining the highest standard of personalised service. Nobody can predict the ever changing economic environment and taxation regulations. However, we believe that with 42™ and the expertise of the staff at Northern Arch, we are better prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities and future challenges."

S.M.E. Commercial Finance has extensive experience in asset finance, mortgage management, leasing and corporate refinance. Specialist areas include asset purchase of motor vehicles and equipment, residential and commercial mortgages, banking facilities, corporate restructuring and health care related financing. For more information about S.M.E contact Nathan Pratt, COO.