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Wealth Management Software PLC announces the launch of LISA® Portfolio Manager

Wealth Management Software is pleased to announce the launch of LISA® Portfolio Manager, a software solution for institutional fund managers with a fixed income or equity bias. The software is suitable for smaller investment boutiques as well as larger fund managers, and incorporates multi lingual capability.

Paul Foll, Sales Director of Wealth Management Software said:
"LISA® Portfolio Manager is aimed at those investment institutions which have either outsourced their back office functions to a custodian bank, or who have a separate back office system. Many such fund managers are relying on Excel spreadsheets or on ageing middle office software to support their fund managers. Often the problem here is that such software tends to be deficient at investment modelling, yield analysis, automated suggested trade generation along with compliance and performance measurement to GIPS standards."

"If institutions don't support such functions, they are likely to look weak
when bidding for new investment mandates. LISA Portfolio Manager fully supports these functions whilst remaining flexible, functionally rich and cost effective with an affordable price tag"

Paul Foll continues:
"It is now almost four years since we launched our first front and middle office software solution and LISA® Portfolio Manager reflects the increasing
sophistication of our fund management technology. During the last two years we have added a wide range of new functions to our software including performance attribution to stock level, strong support for fixed income functionality, investment restrictions, and an exposed interface to custodian banks and back office systems. LISA Portfolio Manager also includes a comprehensive client reporting system.

"Our LISA® clients now include a top quartile German Fund Manager, and our most recent London client is a significant fixed income manager who has selected LISA Portfolio Manager to replace an ageing Portia system."

LISA® Portfolio Manager is a suite of Microsoft and .Net technology software that encompasses investment mandates, investment model creation, multi dimensional investment modelling, suggested trades, performance measurement and attribution to stock level, client reporting, and document management. The software is used by fund managers with an equity or fixed income bias.

Wealth Management Software is a publicly quoted UK software company, with a number of offices in the UK and Europe. Software installations are global.