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Insurance industry report says PegaRULES Process Commander should be on insurers' short list of vendors

Celent Communications names Pegasystems to three-company short list’ of top
insurance industry BPM providers

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 21, 2004 – International research firm Celent Communications has recommended Pegasystems Inc. [NASDAQ: PEGA] as one of the
top three providers of business process management (BPM) solutions to the
insurance industry, and the only company with a fully integrated, complete
business rules engine.

In its recently released research report, “Business Process Management Vendor Evaluations," Celent said Pegasystems’ PegaRULES Process Commander "should be on most insurers’ short lists” when they consider a complete BPM solution. The Celent report reviewed BPM offerings from seven different vendors.

Celent defined a complete BPM solution as enabling the design, integration,
execution, monitoring and optimisation of workflows between people and applications. Pegasystems has all four elements that enable those functions: core BPM elements, three user pairs (human-to-human, human-to-system and system-to-system), content management and a business rules engine. Of the seven vendors, only Pegasystems has a fully developed business rules engine. Celent noted the "close relationship between business process management and business rules engines" as one of the market ’s key dynamics.

"As the only fully integrated business process management and business rules
engine solution, PegaRULES Process Commander gives insurers a 'once and
done' option to obtain both solutions with a single purchase decision," the
report says. It adds, "PegaRULES Process Commander brings good design and
robust functionality to both its BPM and BRE sides."

Process Commander Version 4 enables large companies to respond to changing
customer, market and competitive conditions by creating and/or changing
applications and automated processes in days, not months. Process Commander
’s easy-to-use interfaces and BAM capabilities enable business line managers
to create, monitor and change the critical processes that comprise true
BPM – not just the receiving, routing and reporting of complex customer and
partner work, but more importantly, the researching, responding and
resolving of that work.

"Celent’s report is great validation of our belief that BPM solutions are most effective when they have a strong rules foundation," said Pegasystems COO Henry Ancona. "A rules-based approach provides business users with genuine agility in the face of complexity and rapid change, which are precisely the conditions that insurers deal with every day."