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Realise safe as houses for TMB

15th April 2004, Realise, Scotland’s leading e-business solutions company today announced the launch of a new website for TMB, part of the HBOS group. Targeted specifically at mortgage intermediaries, the re-developed site includes several new features as well as an improved look and feel.

The website, is the result of several months of development and the ongoing relationship between TMB and Realise.

Gerry Johnston, Managing Director of Realise said:
"Realise has built up something of a reputation as specialists in the financial sector but it is always good to be associated with a company like TMB.
"The brief was to update the image of TMB with a fresh design for their website and also improve accessibility for their customers. The tricky thing with a site like this is getting the message right; the site has a very specific and knowledgeable audience so it was more important than ever to get the tone and content correct. Thankfully we have a very experienced team here at Realise."

One of the key motivators for the redesign was the necessity to include a form of content management to enable HBOS staff to add new material, for example press releases, without the need to go to a specialist web design company.

The financial sector has been one of the first to really exploit the web as an external sales and service tool. Content management is the latest innovation these companies are looking to adopt.

Gerry Johnston commented:
"Content management has had a lot of hype in recent years but there is a lot of confusion over what it actually involves. Content management simply allows you to instantly change and update all aspects of your site easily and if it is well designed, without extensive training.

"Although the financial service sector has made the most of the web, there are many companies who could benefit in some way from content management technology. It is possible to find a solution that fits the needs of your business, it doesn’t have to be the biggest or most expensive system. In this case, HBOS wanted to make sure that news and product details were up to date. We were able to build a solution around Macromedia’s Contribute application which does exactly what is required while providing the best possible value to our client."

TMB serves 78,000 customers and has a book value of £9 billion. The company has been a financial innovator since 1989.

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