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NEW YORK,– Imagine Software, a world leader in multi-asset real-time trading analysis and risk management solutions, announced today that Parallax Fund LP has decided to purchase additional licenses for the company’s ASP investment management software Parallax Fund LP specializes in relative value volatility arbitrage strategies.

"Over the last year the Imagine Trading System has been beneficial in many ways," said Tom MacFarland, the firm’s quantitative analyst. "It allows us to get a better handle on our portfolio risk in a centralized way across all our traders. If something happens to the volatility term structure of the index or a stock, we know what the risk of our position is in real time, and in conjunction with our pricing tools and intuition we know how to take advantage of and respond to that change. When our position becomes unbalanced in some way, we can catch it much earlier. And if something does happen to one of our stocks, we see it pretty quickly. The Imagine system also complements the size of our company, and allows us to focus on trading, without having to deal with a lot of technical issues associated with real-time risk systems."

Steven Harrison, President and co-founder of Imagine Software, added, "We are very pleased to be associated with Parallax. Many of our sell-side clients who left to open up their own firms kept telling us there was a real need for an affordable trading and risk management solution that didn’t require a large support staff. By using the Internet to deliver our software, we can offer the same sophisticated analytics to a much wider portion of the financial community. People on the buy-side want a total packaged trading systems solution that includes data, services and straight through processing. That’s what offers.