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Eontec chosen to provide customer-focused branch solution ensuring consistent customer experience across all channels while increasing cross-selling opportunities

Dublin April 6, 2004 - Eontec, the leading global provider of multi-channel
customer banking solutions to major financial institutions, today announced
that it has been selected as part of a consortium with IBM and Unicorn by
Komercni Banka (KB), one of the largest commercial banks in Central Europe,
to renew the bank's entire branch network. As part of the bank's
multi-channel strategy, Eontec, along with IBM, will work with KB to deliver
Eontec(tm) Branch, a module-based Customer Banking Solution and a technology
platform to support the bank's retail distribution channels.

This solution will enable KB to transition their branches into customer-focused, financial sales and service centres with advanced over-the-counter transaction capabilities ensuring that the customer experience is consistent, efficient and personalised across all channels. KB can now optimise the value of their customer relationships, achieve increased operational efficiencies and benefit from shorter time to value.

Aristoteles Kabarganos, Managing Director for Eontec Central Europe says:
"Eontec is very pleased to be chosen by Komercni Banka. We are working closely with IBM and Unicorn to ensure that KB will have the technology backbone to enhance their existing systems and deploy a comprehensive customer-focused branch solution that will satisfy the bank's current and future needs. By implementing Eontec Branch, KB will benefit from a highly flexible branch solution, customised to their individual requirements whilst ensuring a consistent customer experience across all channels."

KB's branch banking requirements focused on significantly furthering the level of customer service and cross-selling opportunities while managing the technology risk. Eontec Branch integrates multi-channel Banking Services,
assembled from process-driven J2EE(tm) components with real-time customer
knowledge. Branch agents are presented with real-time customer information
and full transaction history, in an easy-to-absorb format, ensuring customers are serviced on a personalised and well-informed basis.

The Eontec solution also provides a technology platform that will enable KB
to support its retail banking distribution channels including its branch, call centre and e-banking networks. The bank will be able to rapidly develop and manage new functionality and flexible application in a more productive manner achieving speed to deployment for new products and services across multiple channels. Unlike conventional packaged applications, Eontec functionality can be extended readily and safely.