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Eurex achieves record turnover in March with over 117 million contracts

Eurex closes Q1 with record number of contracts - around 290 million/ Record turnover in equity-based derivates and Euro-Bobl and Euro-Schatz futures

For Eurex, March 2004 was the most successful month in the history of the international derivates market. Eurex broke the existing record achieved in March 2003 (106 million contracts) by around 11 million contracts, or 10 percent, bringing monthly turnover up to over 117 million contracts. In Q1 2004, the world's largest derivatives market turned over around 290 million contracts, outperforming Q1 2003 (265 million contracts) by nine percent.

The fixed-income product group also achieved a new turnover record, trading 59.7 million contracts (March 2003: 58.5 million contracts). Turnover in the Euro-Bobl-Future reached a record 16.9 million contracts (June 2003: 15.7 million), while the volume of Euro-Schatz-Future contracts traded totaled a record 13.4 million (March 2003: 13.2 million). Turnover in Euro-Bund futures amounted to 24.3 million contracts, which meant that it remained the most heavily traded product on Eurex.

A record volume of equity-based derivatives (ca. 57.5 million contracts) was traded in March. Both equity-index derivatives and equity options set new records with turnovers of 34.5 million and 23 million contracts respectively. A number of individual products also achieved record turnover: 16.8 million contracts (previous record: 16.5 million) in futures on the DJ EURO STOXX 50, 3.6 million contracts (previous record: 3.2 million) in DAX futures, and 315,984 contracts traded in French equity options (previous record: 312,700). Eurex recorded strong growth in the Dutch equity option segment: at around 707,000, the number of contracts traded was up 48 percent on the same month last year.

The electronic trading platform Eurex Bonds, which rounds off Eurex's fixed-income product range, again recorded strong growth in the trading activities of its market participants in March 2004. Eurex Bonds generated turnover of 19.8 billion euros (US$ 24.45 billion) in March (single counting), which corresponds to an increase of 18 percent as against March 2003.

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