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6 years in a Row - Trace Financial’s Cloverleaf®finance is awarded Financial EAI 2004 SWIFTReady GOLD label

26th February, 2004 - Trace Financial Limited today announced that their market leading product Cloverleaf®finance has been awarded the SWIFTReady GOLD label in the Financial EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) category for an unprecedented 6th consecutive year.

Cloverleaf®finance is highly regarded and recognised as ‘Best of Breed’ by our top tier clients some of whom are processing in excess of two million mission critical messages daily. Key features are rapid time to market for new interfaces, exceptional resilience and scalability as well as very low cost of operation and ownership.

Cloverleaf®finance allows disparate systems to share information delivering seamless, non-invasive integration of internal systems both with each other and with external services.

‘Out of the box’ and easy to use functionality covers interface management, message conversion, routing and in built testing capability. STP is enabled with easy connectivity to the SWIFTAlliance product family, SWIFTNet, Euroclear, Crest, OMGEO, FIX and numerous other external and internal protocols. Similar support is provided for a wide range of programs, databases, objects using industry standard and proprietary messaging standards.

Cloverleaf®finance incorporates powerful GUI-based implementation and monitoring tools which provide the most technically advanced integration tool-kit available today for message management in a complex environment.

The SWIFTReady GOLD label also covers ‘Transformer’ our new pure Java and XML based data dictionary transformation tool for the sophisticated enterprise with complex messaging requirements and seeking a solution that can be deployed alongside Cloverleaf®finance or independently within J2EE or a Web Services environment.

"We appreciate and recognise the enthusiasm and professionalism shown by Trace Financial to obtain the Financial EAI label for their Cloverleaf®finance product in 2004," said Olivier Roucloux, EAI Industry Analyst, SWIFT. "We look forward to exploring new opportunities together with Trace to make sure their application evolves towards a leading SWIFTNet single-window integration system."

“We are delighted to receive this coveted recognition of Cloverleaf®finance excellence for an unprecedented 6th Year in a row”, said Nick Tonge, Sales Director for Trace Financial.

“It validates the product as a true facilitator of STP for the financial services industry and endorses our implementation approach for Transformer and the ISO15022 Data Field Dictionary. New and existing Trace Financial customers will benefit from the security of a SWIFTReady Gold integration solution. In order to maintain our unrivalled reputation of providing the highest quality products and services, Trace Financial are fully committed to continued support of the evolving SWIFT standards, including the SWIFTNet services, FIX, XML etc. Trace Financial has successfully implemented Cloverleaf®finance in over 50 large financial institutions globally. Cloverleaf®finance has been chosen by 3 new clients in the last 3 months with significant demand for the rest of the year,” said John Murphy, Managing Director for Trace Financial.

Only software products that are compliant with all tests, including the proactive implementation of new SWIFT standards, receive the SWIFTReady GOLD label. SWIFTReady is an accreditation program run by SWIFT for various categories of software such as payment systems, reconciliation systems etc.

Cloverleaf®finance is categorised in the Financial EAI - Enterprise Application Integration segment, and signifies a specified level of interoperability with the SWIFT network. To achieve the GOLD label for Financial EAI, products have to, as a minimum, support the full SWIFT message library including Market Practice compliance for ISO15022 messages, demonstrate facilitation of Straight Through Processing (e.g. by transformation and routing capability) and offer various connection methods to the SWIFT network via SWIFTAlliance. Cloverleaf®finance also supports a means of cross-referencing the contents of a message to its underlying business meaning and full message syntax and validation requirements.

Cloverleaf® is a United States registered trademark of Quovadx, Inc