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Fast Growing Carrier Renews Commitment to IONA's Orbix Technology; Selects
Orbix and CORBA as Organisations Standard Integration Platform

Dublin, Ireland & Waltham, Mass. - December 12, 2003 -- IONA® (NASDAQ:
IONA), a world leader in high performance integration solutions for mission
critical IT environments, today announced that Southwest Airlines (NYSE:
LUV) has named IONA's Orbix® the organisation's standard integration
infrastructure. Southwest Airlines has been using Orbix to power its
world-class online reservation system for more than 3 years. Southwest
Airlines is extending its use of Orbix across its entire IT infrastructure,
implementing it as the integration backbone on which to build, integrate and
deploy the organisation's business, customer and web-based applications.

Southwest Airlines is the fourth largest US domestic airline carrier in
terms of passengers boarded and one of the fastest growing airlines in the
world. Southwest depends on its online infrastructure to provide high levels
of service and availability for the millions of passengers who book their
flights and use other services via southwest website.

The industry's best selling and most widely deployed CORBA-based distributed
computing platform, IONA's Orbix provides Southwest Airlines a flexible,
services-oriented integration backbone that ensures customers enjoy 24x7
availability of feature-rich and reliable travel services when visiting southwest website.

The extension of Orbix across
Southwest Airlines larger IT infrastructure will deliver an open,
interoperable and reusable services framework on which Southwest Airlines
can build integrated business applications that leverage existing
development intelligence and assets.

"IONA has provided the high-performance, scalable infrastructure that has
helped Southwest Airlines set the industry-standard for online customer
service and convenience with," said Brad Newcomb, Director of
Interactive Marketing at Southwest Airlines. "We've chosen to extend Orbix
across our organisation because it will allow us to integrate our systems on
a component basis without making a considerable capital outlay, and helping
us to capture a more rapid return on our project investment. The flexibility
of IONA's technology and its proven ability to power business critical
systems are just a couple of the reason's why we have chosen to standardise
on Orbix."

"For more than a decade, IONA has been providing standards-based products
that allow organisations to leverage the full benefits of services-oriented
architectures," said Chris Horn, CEO of IONA Technologies. "Southwest is one
of a number of Global 2000 organisations who continue to build, deploy and
integrate systems using IONA's CORBA-based Orbix software, thereby reducing
costs, streamlining business processes, and providing high-levels of service
for their customers."

Southwest Airlines purchased licenses to expand its use of IONA's Orbix in
June of 2003.