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Etrali helps keep performance flowing for Liquid Capital Markets

Paris, 3 December 2003: London-based market maker Liquid Capital Markets has once again chosen Etrali dealerboard and voice equipment in support of a 50 per cent increase in the number of trading positions in its primary trading room in London.

Founded in 2000, Liquid Capital is a large market maker in European indices, equities and fixed income derivatives across a number of European markets. The company moved premises in late 2001 to make room for growing operations, and took advantage of the move to switch to Etrali as its voice supplier.

The Liquid Capital trading room in London has now expanded, and is equipped with 18-channel Etrali Open Broadcast modules; the company is currently considering further expanding its use of Etrali to include its Sydney operation.

Julian Maule, IT manager at Liquid Capital Markets IT, says that support and reliability from Etrali have been important factors in the company’s expansion. "Etrali teams have proven extremely competitive, both in terms of equipment cost and functionality, as well as for system management and maintenance," he says. "Since the move we’ve seen extensive growth, almost doubling in size, while opening offices in other locations around the world. We’ve progressively extended our system, always without problems."

Maule continues: "The service we receive from Etrali is always first rate. Our account manager is able to operate as a primary point of contact for all queries, both technical and commercial. Part of our decision to use Etrali was based on the close proximity of the support staff to our offices in London. And when we do have a problem we have always had an engineer on site within an hour, who does not leave until the problem is resolved, even if that means drawing on more resources.

The reliability of the Etrali systems has been an important contributory factor in Liquid Capital’s possible extension of the initial relationship. "We’re looking at the possibility of working with Etrali to install equipment for our Sydney offices," says Maule.

"Etrali provides Liquid Capital Market with high-level value added services, including full voice network services. Liquid Capital's London trading floor is also an [email protected] site, which gives them permanent network access, that in turn allows additional voice trading lines to be installed very rapidly," says Colin Strafford, Etrali UK sales account manager.